For over ten years, st0w has invaded and infiltrated New York City with his deep versatile sound. Blending many different genres of progressive trance, techno, and house, his style does not consist of just one genre of music. Armed with a wide range of beats, he continually works the crowd into an energetic frenzy like no other. His ability to read a crowd is remarkable, allowing him to perform anywhere and to any audience. st0w’s passion for the music has earned national acclaim within electronic dance culture. This passion, coupled with a heavy knowledge of music, is what allows him to put together a performance sure to please fans around the globe.

It all started with an insatiable desire to be involved in the performance aspect of music, and a changing musical interest in the early nineties. At the time, st0w was a lead guitarist in a fledgling local metal band. But then he stumbled upon this new sound. Early music from the German Gabber scene, in addition to the music of The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, 808 State, and Future Sound of London all caught his ear. Before long, his guitar was covered in dust and this new kind of music consumed him. After years of listening and some minor production work, he finally got a pair of turntables and was well on his way.

st0w has played at events all over the U.S., including home state New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Maryland. Eventually, he was approached by popular Sydney-based Pulse Radio to host the new NYC broadcast. He gladly accepted the offer, and quickly became the #1 DJ in their network. He continued to set the servers aflame over there until he had to depart for personal reasons, and the scheduled three hour show often ran over to five hours – with not a single complaint from listener or management alike. As his bookings grew more frequent, this trance-monger was pleased to play alongside the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Roni Size, Victor Dinaire, Venom, and X-Dream, among countless other reputable artists. His growth in popularity through the radio show prompted an invitation to make an appearance at the famed club-haven island of Ibiza. This experience was topped only by his attendance at Germany’s elite Love Parade, alongside international superstars like Dave Ralph, Sasha, and Pete Tong.

Truly a man of many genres, st0w is highly regarded within the dance community. He skillfully creates an atmosphere that takes the scene by storm. His musical determination and need to think outside the box begs us to reconsider the way we dance and listen.